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Project Management Office (PMO)

metisplan Project Management Office Planning

Whether your project is small or large, gain assistance with all aspects of programme and project management

Today’s construction projects face many challenges and require management that is both effective and efficient. As specialists in all aspects of construction planning for both small and large-scale projects, Metisplan has spent many years developing the knowledge and expertise to help your company with its project planning and management.

Reducing risk for your business:
By working with a resource-driven programme, we are confident that your project will be properly budgeted in accordance with your needs. Our services will ensure that any conflicts are resolved efficiently, all activities are well coordinated, and that your project will be well-scheduled and concluded on time. We can be commissioned to work on specific aspects of your project or to take on a wider planning and monitoring role. Contact us to find out more.

Why work with Metisplan?

Based in Surrey, UK, our core business is planning and project controls. We have a passion for a properly planned project and take great pride in using best-practice planning tools and strategies to provide our clients with high-quality service.

Working with clients across the UK and Internationally, our people have the expertise you need throughout the development and progression of your project. By providing you with the right service at the right time, we can maximise your chances of a successfully planned and cost-effectively delivered project.

  • Metisplan project planning London Surrey

    We provide a specialist fully-managed 4D project planning service

  • Metisplan project planning London Surrey

    We have broad sector-wide experience for you to draw on

  • Metisplan project planning London Surrey

    Our expertise and services can be tailored to fit your project requirements