We are an award-winning consultancy offering professional bespoke planning and project controls services.

It is crucial to us that a project is properly planned. We take great pride in applying planning best-practice and in providing our clients with a high quality of service. Our team has the expertise you need at every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

Since its formation in May 2012, Metisplan has gone from strength to strength through consistent delivery of bespoke, high-quality professional planning and project controls services.

At Metisplan we offer our clients a high level of customer care. By employing a team of highly capable people, we bring a collaborative, enthusiastic and client-centred work ethic to your team wherever you are in the world.

Synchro software digital construction awards finalist 2017 Metisplan London Surrey
Synchro software digital construction awards finalist 2017 Metisplan London Surrey
Plan planning service Metisplan approach London Surrey

"We tailor-fit our expertise and service delivery to meet your project requirements."

Each of our consultant planners will approach the task of developing a programme by gaining an understanding of the scope of work, timescales, and relevant project phasing, whilst also observing how the key objectives of time, cost and quality are balanced.

Our experts will work with you to identify the pertinent organisational management processes and contractual considerations that will impact the structure and management of the programme, bringing our collective and individual skills and knowledge to the table to add value to the service we deliver.

Feedback is the key to successful two-way communication. We expect to maintain a schedule of pre-agreed periodic meetings with your team to provide constant communication, and to agree the required reporting process, giving you and your project team the foresight you need.

What can you expect from an individual project appointment with Metisplan?

  • Metisplan 4D Planning

    High-level Planning Support

    Development of feasibility and strategic programming.

  • Metisplan 4D Planning

    Tender Stage and Procurement Planning

    With your procurement strategy decided, and a construction delivery programme ready, we can help minimise early procurement related delays by developing the Tender Event Schedule in a timely manner with the Commercial Manager, should we be appointed early enough in the delivery process. Correctly aligning the Cost Breakdown Structure with the Work Breakdown Structure will be key to this.

  • Metisplan 4D Planning

    Construction Delivery Programmes, and Progress Monitoring and Reporting

    Compilation of Target and Contract programmes (JCT contracts) and accepted programmes (NEC), allows us to review your project and to establish the work breakdown structure, sequencing, logic, phasing and constraints. When the project delivery is in-progress, we provide the progress monitoring and reporting necessary to keep you informed of project performance.

  • Metisplan 4D Planning

    Earned Value Management and Reporting

    Where EVM is required by the client, either for a single project or for a portfolio of projects, we work closely with the commercial management team. This is first to align the Work Breakdown Structure with the Cost Breakdown Structure, then to fully cost-load the programme or programmes, generating an EV baseline against which project performance can be measured. Subsequently, a spending profile is integrated into the programme and from there Earned Value can be calculated.

  • Metisplan 4D Planning

    Forensic Planning and Delay Analysis

    Delay Analysis using impacted as-planned, and as-planned versus as-built techniques, time-impact and analysis of critical path. This is supported by investigation of project records, documentation and interviews with key staff where possible.