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"We work collaboratively with project managers, cost consultants, architects and all other parts of the project delivery supply chain."

A well-formulated construction programme acts not just as an agreed schedule of dates, but must perform coherently and stand up to interrogation, with the aim of providing clear foresight of project performance with the correct information.

Of course, in some situations, a project may not be delivered to time, cost or quality expectations, in which case claims or disputes may arise.

Our award-winning and collaborative approach

Planning and project controls are clearly a key process in the design, project, cost management and delivery of any project. Regardless of the stage of the project lifecycle you are in, Metisplan can provide you with the project foresight that you need and can offer a full project planning service from inception to post-completion analysis.

In the event of a project claim or dispute, Metisplan can also provide you with forensic analysis of the claims programmes.

If you are providing consultancy support or are part of a client’s management or delivery team, but could do with planning and project controls support, we are also available to offer you support.

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