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Rachel Pilnick

With over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, Rachel brings a wide range of skills to Metisplan. Rachel is a diligent, organised, and adaptable professional who brings contagious enthusiasm to any group. A pragmatic self-starter and a galvanised team player, she is able to connect and communicate within her teams and with clients.

Rachel has extensive experience working on Hospitals and Residential projects, and has worked on projects with a value of up to $1.4bn. Her proven democratic leadership style has contributed to excellent results on both large and small-scale schemes, both domestic and international.

Rachel has recent experience of detailed programme planning for projects from Tender through to Construction Completion, including Design & Procurement. She has had responsibility for the planning of numerous concurrently running Distribution Centres across the UK. She has also been responsible for logistics plans and prelim books at tender stage, fortnightly progress reporting, recovery & forecast programmes, and liaison with Sub Contractors.