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Riyadh Metro

Why did Riyadh Metro approach Metisplan?

To provide an analysis of the impact of additional works and variations to the working sequence of substantial piles in the centre of Riyahd. 

They weren’t able to analyse the delay – we were able to. Lacking expertise.

Because of expertise in planning processes/software, i.e. in a gant chart format. They didn’t have the in-house expertise.

Needed a company who could analyse the delays to be articulated in accordance with industry good practise/ An internationally recognised methodology such as ‘Society of Construction Law Delay and Disruption Protocol’

What problem are Metisplan solving for HE?

Provided them with the tools to negotiate the conclusion to a long-standing dispute

Key Information

We’ve used internationally recognised best practice to complete detailed delay and disruption analysis on complex logistical piling work for Riyadh Metro

Collaborative working Metisplan planning project control services London Surrey

What value are Metisplan bringing?

Created the environment to articulate entitlement to money/negotiation
Aggregate all relevant information
Experienced at finding out whats relevant and articulate in a concise way to allow decision to be made on entitlement to additional time and costs.
Engaged with the team locally