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Liverpool Lime Street

Why did Liverpool Lime Street approach Metisplan?

Needed the ability to create a model and influence the model and influence the programme and planning functions
We are experts in the articulation of 3D combining it with the programme to present a 4D representation.
Specialist resource/specialist skill set experience in 4D visualisation
Couldn’t identify concurrent train movement/clashes.

What problem are Metisplan solving for HE?

Identified Clashes in train movements
Provided opportunities for additional work areas. It un-constrains the programme.

Allowed them to avoid time delays on site by doing it in a virtual environment / rehearsing it in the digital environment. De-risking the project.
Create efficiencies and assurance in the programme and optimise resource utilisation.

Key Information

We helped introduce additional capacity into Liverpool Lime Street with the delivery of a new platform, thanks to our expert 4D planning expertise

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What value are Metisplan bringing?