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Highways England

Why did Highways England approach Metisplan?

Metisplan have experience working in high value infrastructure projects and complex
Because we brought experience from lots of different industries
Depth of Matt Orton’s CV – couldn’t do it themselves as it requires someone of a specialist nature.

What problem are Metisplan solving for HE?

Set up planning function in Project Management Office (PMO)
Valuable insight into supply chain time related challenges
Working as part of the core management teams

Key Information

Working with Mott MacDonald on their framework with Highways England, we helped deliver nationally important infrastructure and road projects with a value over £10 billion

Collaborative working Metisplan planning project control services London Surrey

What value are Metisplan bringing?

Provided a link between time and cost / resource and
Enabling the client to not pay for delays that the supply chain are not entitled to under contract, working collaboratively with the trio of project manager/planning manager and commercial functions to safeguard the interests of the client and ensure the contract is followed. The quality of schedule quality wasn’t very good from supply chain, contained bias, we provided an independent perspective to reduce bias.

Actively promoting collaboration of siloed design disciplines
Actively done things in accordance with the contract – worked with the team to ensure the contract is followed better