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Matt Orton

Managing Director

As the founder and Managing Director of Metisplan, a leading UK-based planning consultancy established in 2012, Matt heads up an experienced team of 20 specialists.

A multi-award-winning firm, Metisplan is highly regarded for its leading specialisms in forensic, strategic, tender and production. Revered for its innovations in 4D planning within the construction and engineering sectors, Metisplan continues to diversify year-on-year and has now expanded its service offering to include commercial and contract management, which is proving to be a real growth area for the company.

Matt is both a business leader and a seasoned Forensic Planner. He is renowned for his meticulous planning acumen and his ability to deliver results for a broad spectrum of International and UK-based clients. With an enviable career spanning over thirty years, Matt has honed his expertise through large-scale infrastructure projects – steering them from concept design through to delivery and then on to post-completion dispute management.

Matt also serves as a trusted mentor to his peers, helping them to elevate their own planning protocols, processes, and procedures. His collaborative approach, coupled with his keen eye for detail, enables Matt to problem-solve complex issues with ease, relaying solutions in a simplified and effective way so as to be understood by a wide target audience.

Matt’s own reputation for excellence stems from his extensive experience working across a diverse project portfolio, most notably within the highways, aviation, energy, commercial, residential, and Oil / Gas sectors. Detail-oriented and highly adaptable, Matt thrives in complex working environments, seamlessly balancing the needs and requirements of all stakeholders.

Over the years, Matt has developed an unparalleled understanding of the planning process whilst always proving himself to be a skilled and effective communicator. His leadership style, characterised by a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, inspires confidence and fosters a culture of excellence in all who work alongside him. Moreover, Matt’s advocacy for technological advancements in planning management underscores his commitment to staying ahead of the curve. He champions the integration of cutting-edge tools, such as 4D technology and Artificial Intelligence, in order to deliver tangible value for clients.

Clients can rest assured that Matt’s wealth of experience, which includes integral planning roles with highly regarded agencies such as Highways England and Heathrow Airport, will be fully leveraged on any project he becomes involved with. With Matt at the helm, clients gain a strategic partner committed to achieving their objectives through unparalleled expertise and an uncompromisingly forensic mindset.

Metisplan Matt Orton Managing Director