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Antony Morton


Antony has 17+ years of sales experience, with the last 12 years spent within the recruitment environment, predominantly within the construction planning sector, and therefore has a wealth of knowledge about many different aspects of the industry. This extensive market knowledge gives him the opportunity to make beneficial, well-governed decisions, from a sales perspective.

Throughout his career, he has gained a wide range of valuable manageable skills, which allow him to successfully optimise sales within the business leading to company development and broadening of sales outreach.

Antony has demonstrated the ability to actively drive growth in sales and foster progress within a company. He currently uses his high-quality skillset to fulfil his role as Director. He is performance-driven and has valuable experience in project planning and project control.

His interpersonal skills, which have been gained through his extensive networking within the UK and abroad, allow him to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike. Antony is a motivated and committed team player who is committed to the continued growth of Metisplan.

Antony Morton